Nathaniel Knight

Reflections, diversions, and opinions from a progressive ex-physicist programmer dad with a sore back.

Hi, I'm Nathaniel Knight. Please call me "Nat". 🙂

My pronouns are he/him.

I live in Victoria, B.C., Canada on the unceded territory of the Lkwungen people. I'm dad to one little person and one very needy old grey cat.

Professionally, I'm a software developer; that's mostly what this site is about. My education was in in Physics and Atmospheric science, but I've worked in:

Before that I trained as a teacher and worked as a tutor, lifeguard, and daycare worker.

I'm also car-free, a frequent bike user, an aspiring sailor, and I love both video and table-top games.

You can see some of my open source work on the Projects page or get an idea of what I work with by looking at my Toolbox.

I suffer from chronic back pain which I manage with yoga and weightlifting; it still regularly knocks me off my feet for a week or two every year.

I'm aware that, being a straight, white, cis-gender male, I enjoy immense privilege in my profession life and in general. I'm dedicated to understanding systems of inequality, how I fit into them, how they can be dismantled, and how I can participate in creating and supporting truly safe and friendly space where my peers can thrive. If you see me not upholding this, please tell me. I will do my best to be graceful in the moment, and I promise to reflect on feedback with humility and thank you if I get the chance.

Love is real, trans rights are human rights, and eveyone deserves food, shelter, and nice things whether they earn a wage or not. 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️✊