Nathaniel Knight

Reflections, diversions, and opinions from a progressive ex-physicist programmer dad with a sore back.

Web Tools

This is a list (in no particular order) of assorted web-based toys, tools, and curiosities I've that I've made over the years.

Timer Cmd
Commands for setting timers that send a notification when they're finished.
Catan Deck
Replace the dice in Settlers of Catan with a deck of cards. This makes the resource distribution more predictable and adds some bonuses that help players catch up when they're behind.
Visualise celular automata. Based on work by Loren Schmidt.
Add a random amount of time to a starting time (e.g. to schedule an automated task near, but not exactly on, the hour).
Embed a checklist in a URL.
Number Namer
Turn (for example) "1234567890" into "1 billion, 234 million, 567 thousand, 890".
Get a random Ephemeral IP Port.
Count cards.