Nathaniel Knight

Reflections, diversions, and opinions from a progressive ex-physicist programmer dad with a sore back.


This is a list of things that I use. It's mostly for helping me remember and find things, but I'm happy if you get something out of it too. It's not exhaustive, representative, or prescriptive.

Programming Languages 🔗

Python is what I work with most and know the best. I like the following tools to help with Python code:

Other languages that I like and will reach for in particular situations are:

Text Editors 🔗

Development Tools 🔗

Writing and Publishing Tools 🔗

Self-Host(ed|ing) Tools 🔗

I have a Digital Ocean VPS (referral link) and an old laptop set up on a Tailscale network for self-hosting this website and a few other services. It runs Caddy and:

Miscellaneous Tools 🔗

Fonts 🔗

These are the fonts that I like to use for editing and typesetting code.

These are fonts that I like for rendering other kinds of text: