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Migrating to Hachyderm

As the trajectory of the bird site got clearer and nastier late last year I decided to migrate to the fediverse. I didn't want to end up on another platform controlled by a petulant tinpot dictator, so I decided to see if I could host my own ActivityPub server. Mastodon looked pretty intimidating, but GotoSocial is a smaller, lighter, program that (approximately) inter-operates with Mastodon (yay, federation!).

I ran that server for a couple of months, but eventually decided to shut it down and migrate to I did this for a couple of reasons:

Atomizing all web hosting into parochial little home-servers isn't sustainable or desirable, and Hachyderm is a cool project blazing a different trail, so I made a donation to help pay for hosting and made the leap.

I had accumulated a pretty lovely feed of subscriptions, and that kept me locked in for a while, but the beauty of self-hosting is that I had the SQLite database with all my data in it, so I was able to figure out a procedure for migrating (which is described here).